Each year we make sure that our city is managed by the best officials

Mayoral Office

With our city ranked as the 1212th biggest in the US, managing is can be seen as a tall order.

Luckily, with 97 people throughout history being at the helm, city has only prospered!

City Council

The Maryville’s city council is a major municipal legislative body, making sure that the city is being run accordingly.

This chamber, consisting of 20 representatives is held to account in elections every 2 years.

Judicial Agencies

Di you know that many tickets can be paid without making a court appearance.

To see if your case is eligible, search for your case here, call (555) 658-6940 or try our online payment website. Note that it can take up to 14 days for handwritten tickets to appear in the system.

Boards & Commissions

Starting wit the municipal board of education and all the way to city lights commission, Maryville’s urban development has hundreds of things to work on.

Just like any other city in America, we manage all aspects of our city’s life.

Local TV Channel

When it comes to local television for people living in the local area, we’ve got the MeVeTV channel!

Funded partially by the municipal government and partially by the state government, it operates as a 7 hours/day news programming channel on all matters Maryville.

Economic Development

With more than 13 thousand people of working age living in Maryville, we understand how important managing such a massive workforce is and how much it depends on the economy.

This is why we work day and night to make sure that there’s no unemployment.

A Picturesque Town in New England

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